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Repair and replacement services 

We offert a wide of glazing services for residential and commercial application

Repair and replacement service

We offer a complete service in glazing products to our customers.  Whether simple or thermos glass, reproduction of curved, ached, round or protruding glass. At our store, we have a wide range of hardware for residential windows.  We can replace the defective thermos, change the mosquito net  of your window or partio door and other replacement parts.  We suggest that you bring the part to the store to supply the identical part or order it if necessary.

Wide variety of thermos glass

  • Window repair with single glass or thermos
  • Reproduction of curved glass, arched, round,bay
  • Chassis repair
  • Bars lock window
  • Window crank
  • Sliding  lane
  • Door lock

Mosquito net

  • Weels for patio door or Mosquito door.
  • Handles for patio door and screen door
  • Custom screen door
  • Locks for patio door or screen door
  • Doors installation for animals
  • Fly-cutting

Sale of replacement parts

  • Weels for patio door or Mosquito door.
  • Handles for patio door and screen door
  • Window cranks
  • Window locks and patio door
  • Sliding lane
  • Door strikes replacement 
  • Fly-cutting

Types de remplacement:

  • Embuées
  • Fendues
  • Craquelées
  • Descellées
  • Bris thermique

Mosquito net available :

  • Vinyl
  • Aluminum
  • Pet screen
  • Burns 
  • Decorative

Useful information :

We can repair and replace the defective thermos without you having to change the entire window

Do not throw away your damaged screen frame, it can probably be repaired

Keep the white bars on your sliding windows, we replace the glass only or change your broken bar. 


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